NETWORKING group BNI Mere, formed to help and support businesses in the area, has made a donation to charity Knutsford GROW.

The charity looks after the gardens of elderly and disabled Knutsford residents with the help of teams of volunteers, some of whom have learning disabilities.

Kane Gunter, trustee of the charity, said: “For many of these young people, it's a chance to get and out and take part in some outdoor activities.

“We also organise social events, and many of our volunteers develop a strong relationship with the garden owners.”

Paul Hilton, director of BNI Mere, added: “We're a Knutsford group, and we wanted to support a local charity.

“Knutsford GROW was the perfect choice, as our networking group has the aim of growing local business, while the charity are growing and nurturing not only gardens but relationships.

“We're delighted to make this donation to such a worthy cause, and hope that we can continue to support the charity in the future.”

Kane added: “We rely entirely on charitable donations to carry out our work, which is of great benefit to the local community. We're very grateful to BNI Mere for their donation, which we'll be able to put to good use this Spring.”

For more information about Knutsford GROW, please visit

BNI Mere meet every Thursday from 10am to 12pm at the Mere Court Hotel, Warrington Road.

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