KNUTSFORD’S 150th May Queen has told the Guardian how excited she is to be playing such an important role in the festival’s milestone.

Jasmine Dines, 13, of Carrwood, was handed the title of 2014 May Queen elect at a selection ceremony held at Egerton Youth Club earlier this month.

Flanked by her court, the Knutsford Academy student will take the title from current Queen Jenny Warburton when she is crowned on the Heath by Edward Stone on Saturday, May 3.

The 13-year-old, who was a Court Lady in the 2013 Royal May Day, said: “I was in total shock and completely amazed when I was chosen.

“Every time someone mentions the May Day I have a huge smile on my face. I haven’t stopped smiling since I was elected.

“My mum and Nanna have been really supportive and so have my friends. I have been meeting with my Nanna once a week for coffee and have a chat about all the May Queen stuff.”

Jasmine – who has an older brother Joe, who took part in the procession when he was younger– has been in the parade since she was five. Her favourite characters in the past include the Maid of Honour, Court Lady and Maid Marion.

“I have been in three courts so I didn’t expect to be so lucky and be picked as May Queen,” said Jasmine.

“My friend was the May Queen last year and she said, ‘You are going to have an amazing year’. It’s so unexpected.”

Jasmine, who loves singing, dancing and acting, said designing her dress has been the highlight so far.

“I love fashion. I’ve been looking through pictures of the past queens, trying to get ideas, and it has made me really excited,” she added.

Jasmine’s mum Sue said: “It’s the last year Jasmine was eligible to be the Queen so it’s lovely to have had that opportunity.”