KNUTSFORD Town Council has decided not to comment on the latest planning information about a proposed adventure playground in Tatton Park as it is of a ‘technical nature’.

Norfolk-based company Bure Valley Adventures want to build a BeWILDerwood adventure playground in an area of Witchcote Wood and first submitted plans two years ago.

After being told that it needed to provide more details in its planning bundle, Bure Valley submitted the extra information that will go before the authority’s Strategic Planning Board on March 5.

Residents and neighbouring authorities had until Wednesday, February 19 to submit comments relating to the updated application.

But Knutsford Town Council’s planning committee decided it would not comment on the latest information.

Recorded in the council’s official minutes of the planning committee meeting on February 10 the council stated: “Ahead of opening the floor for public participation, Clr Gardiner reported that in respect of the new consultation for BeWILDerwood, the new information is of a technical nature relating to highways and nature conservation and matters on which the town council is not qualified.

“Notwithstanding this, because the additional information submitted to the Primary Authority (CEC) is of such a technical nature the town council would therefore not anticipate being consulted.”

However, neighbouring authority, Mobberley Parish Council decided to comment on the application.

In a letter – written by Sarah Sherwood, clerk of Mobberley Parish Council and submitted to Cheshire East Council – the council said the development would have an ‘adverse impact on the greenbelt’.

“The parish council discussed the above application at its meeting held on February 10, 2014 and I can advise that they object to this application on the grounds that the proposed development does not meet the criteria to justify the impact and loss of ancient woodland,” it added.

“The development and loss of green belt land in order to provide car parking space would further disrupt the visual tranquillity and enjoyment of the landscape and would introduce an unacceptable urban influence into the green belt.

“The additional increase in traffic and noise would have an adverse impact upon the greenbelt and the current highways infrastructure is unable to cope with the increase in traffic generation.“ Since the extra information was added to the application 28 households have submitted letters against the plans.

Representations urging the council to knock back the proposal have also come in from Knutsford Conservation and Heritage Group, the National Farmers Union and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

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