A FAMILY were left ‘extremely upset and angry’ after discovering their loved one’s grave ‘churned up’ at a Knutsford cemetery.

Robert Clark, from Rudheath, said he was appalled when he paid a recent visit to his father-in-law’s grave at Tabley Hill Lane cemetery.

The end of the grave had been damaged after a vehicle drove up on the grass, stripping it away and leaving muddy tyre tracks.

Robert, who was accompanied by his mother-in-law and wife, said: “It’s very upsetting. My mother-in-law was very upset and angry about the state of the grave.

“I know that the road that the cars used to take has been blocked off by fencing but now the cars are driving up on my father-in-law’s grave trying to round the corner.

“I just think the Bereavement Services should be managing the cemetery better.”

It is not the first time Cheshire East Council (CEC)– who operate the cemetery – have come under fire for the state of the cemetery. For some years CEC have been blasted by townfolk for the lack of care and maintenance of the site, including overgrown grass, weed and knocked-over headstones.

Robert added: “We have had problems in the past but we never reported them. There was an incident when somebody driving an excavator had gone across the middle of my father-in-law’s grave. You could see the tyre tracks across it.”

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said the damage to Robert’s father-in-law’s grave was caused by visiting members of the public.

The spokesperson added: “On learning of the incident, our staff investigated the plot and carried out remedial work – re-turfing the damaged graveside grass.

“Cemeteries are, quite understandably, very sensitive sites. We would urge all members of the public to show due consideration and sensitivity towards grieving families and visitors and take real care to keep to the roadways when visiting graves.”