A CHARITY at the heart of Knutsford is hoping its new interactive website will help ‘spread the word’ and save lives.

Knutsford Community Heartstart, a volunteer-led organisation that teaches Emergency Life Support Skills free of charge to residents, youth and community groups, launched its new website on February 9.

The new website follows the launch of the group’s 2014 poster, which will be displayed prominently throughout Knutsford.

Lisa Johnson, Chairman of Knutsford Community First Responders Trust who runs and administers Knutsford Community Heartstart, said: “People are used to seeing leaflets and posters around Knutsford and people become blind to things they see all the time.

“We do bi-monthly classes and we are potentially interested in doing more sessions and therefore need more people to join us.

“We are trying to ramp up our service and the website is a great place for finding out more about the courses and general information about life-saving skills.

“Saving a life is the ultimate gift you could give.”

The group hope the introduction of the new website will help expand their training throughout the community and therefore increase the chance of saving lives in critical situations.

“We have been providing residents of Knutsford courses in life-saving skills for over 10 years now and thousands of people have been trained so far,” said Adrian Rees, Knutsford Community Heartstart Co-ordinator.

“We are all excited about this new way of communicating with Knutsford residents.

“The website itself was designed by my daughter-in-law Georgina Rees-Stevenson who lives in New Zealand. She has included a novel interactive course booking system, links with Twitter and a News and Events page which I will be regularly updating.”

Have a look at the new website - heartstartknutsford.co.uk