HE is used to sitting pretty at the top of the charts but how about the tip of a pencil?

Holmes Chapel popstar Harry Styles, known for hits such as 'Little Things', has been immortalised in a tiny graphite sculpture by Bolton-based artist Hedley Wiggan.

The 48-year-old spent three weeks delicately carving the singer into a pencil nib using a pin and a jeweller’s loupe.

He said: “The most difficult bit was the trousers and the jacket and then there was the hair. I knew I had got to get the hair right - that was very important.”

Hedley designed the sculpture after receiving a request from a member of the band’s fan club.

“Harry is the only one of the band members I have been asked to sculpt. He seems to be the Michael Jackson of the group,” he added.

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Harry is not the only famous face to have been sculpted by Hedley’s hand.

The artist is currently working on a Muhammad Ali sculpture, which was commissioned by a client in Paris, and he has also carved Marilyn Monroe, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles into miniature masterpieces.

Hedley, who has had no formal art training, only stumbled across his microscopic hobby two years ago when he sharpened a pencil and noted it looked like the back of a hand.

Since then, he has dedicated all his free time outside his day job as a theatre porter for Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan to carving out his intricate creations.

The designs can fetch up to £1000 and Hedley sold a Queen Elizabeth II design on Channel 4’s rare artefact show ‘Four Rooms’ for £900 last year.

“I’m blown away. The carving is going really, really well and I’ve sold around 280 pieces now,” he said.

“It’s just another avenue for my art but it’s really taken off.”

  • To see more of Hedley’s creations, including oil paintings and fairies carved into cocktail sticks, visit hedleywiggan.co.uk