A KNUTSFORD pub in the town centre that submitted plans to create a new dining room and outdoor seating area at the rear of the property has seen its proposals rejected by council officers.

Cheshire East Council refused the application put forward in November 2013 by the New Moon Pub Company that would have seen an existing garage converted into a dining area as well as a link to a new outdoor drinking area located on the existing staff car park to the rear of the premises.

The decision was knocked back in January but Knutsford Town Council, in its submission to Cheshire East, said it also ‘strongly objected’ to the proposal.

The town council said: “The council strongly objects on the following grounds that it is out of character with the town centre and does not enhance the conservation area; loss of parking space could exasperate the issue of parking on Heritage Way; loss of amenity to neighbouring occupiers; and no space for bin and barrel storage.”

It added that if borough planners approved the application conditions restricting the times the area can be used to before 10pm only and require the applicants to install a ‘No Parking’ sign on Heritage Way.