KNUTSFORD Town Council’s planning committee recommended that a town centre restaurant be refused permission to change its use before the move was ratified by borough planners last week.

Parma on Regent Street won its six year battle with Cheshire East Council two weeks ago to change its use from A1/A3 to A3, meaning it can operate as a restaurant.

But before officers at the borough authority agreed to the change Knutsford Town Council’s planning committee rejected the proposal on the grounds that it was against planning policy.

In its comments to Cheshire East Council the town council said: “The council objects on the grounds that it is against planning policy for the area and street and the outside eating area was not part of the designed street.

“The council reminds CEC that the building was designed as shop with some ancillary eating area and as such is unsuitable for exclusively restaurant use.

“The proposed use will extend action activity in a building significantly beyond that the time period, which was originally intended. However if planning permission were to be granted a condition should be attached requiring additional noise insulation to be installed.”

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