KNUTSFORD could soon be adding a food and a music festival to its events calendar, if plans get the go ahead.

The possibility of establishing two new events in the town was broached at a recent meeting of Knutsford Town Council’s Events Committee.

Acting Town Clerk Adam Keppel-Garner had used suggestions from business owners and members of the public to up proposals.

Three ideas were presented to the committee in regards to a two-day food festival; a profit event run by businesses, staffed by volunteers and supported by the council through promotion; an event similar to a monthly market but organised in association with the Town Council; or a council-run event possibly in association with community groups.

Adam suggested the festival would be take place on the Heath with around 130 exhibitors.

Clr Peter Coan offered his support. He said: “The more events we have in Knutsford, the more people visit the town. I desperately want it to be a success.”

Clr Andrew Malloy echoed Clr Coan’s sentiments and supported the plans.

He said: “I think it’s an ideal event for the town. People come here to eat and drink – it’s a gourmet town.”

Although many of the councillors were in support of a food festival, some were concerned that if the profit event option was chosen, the businesses would be the only ones to benefit.

Town Mayor Clr Barbara Coan said: “I would like to see them perhaps put something back into the town. I fully support it but there has got to be some recognition. Knutsford shouldn’t be a free-for-all and everybody else gets the profit.”

Clr Tony Dean agreed with the Mayor’s points. “It’s a bit cheeky to ask for volunteers and then somebody else walks away at the end of it with all the profit,” he said.

It was agreed that the Acting Town Clerk would investigate the options further so that members could make a more informed decision.

Adam also raised the possibility of establishing a Knutsford Music Festival.

“It is something that other towns are doing, such as Alsager, Wilmslow and Macclesfield, and we don’t have a similar event,” he said.

“It would feature different styles of music and have something for everybody.”

Although Adam suggested the Heath as a possible location, councillors suggested that having numerous venues would encourage visitors into the town centre and opens opportunities for different genres.

Clr Coan said: “We could have the younger generation on the Heath, more traditional or jazz music taking place on the Moor and perhaps something completely different, like classical music, taking place outside the courthouse.”

A more detailed proposal for the Music festival is expected at next month’s meeting.

Do you think the town would benefit from a Food or a Music Festival? Which do you think would be more successful? Comment below.