HOLMES Chapel MP Fiona Bruce has welcomed news that the global fight against Malaria is making progress – but fears there is a long way yet to go.

Mrs Bruce joined other members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases at a recent meeting in Westminster.

The MPs heard a report stating that increased efforts are being put in place to tackle diseases such as Malaria, Trachoma and Leprosy – but more needs to be done.

The matters being discussed were particularly poignant for Mrs Bruce as a young friend of hers that she met whilst in Africa succumbed to Malaria recently.

Mrs Bruce said: “Key to progress in tackling these diseases is good co-operation between UK and other International Aid Agencies, the government health services in the affected countries, the private sector, research institutes and donors.

“Tackling these diseases need to be at several levels – aiming at total eradication of the pathogen causing disease, as was achieved with smallpox some years ago, or, where this is not possible, the reduction of the incidents of disease and its control within areas so it is not transferred.”


One of the purposes of the All Party Group is to arrange regular meetings at the House of Commons to bring together different organisations and individuals working to tackle such diseases to share know how and expertise.