BULLET marks in St Luke’s Church in Holmes Chapel dating back to the English Civil War will be the subject of the latest talk organised by the Friends of Blackden Trust.

Dr Glenn Foard from Huddersfield University will explain how he investigates the physical evidence that survives on sites of sieges and skirmishes of the Civil Wars in England, between 1642 and 1650.

His talk, on Saturday, March 1, will illustrate how researchers can use the evidence of bullet impacts on buildings like St. Luke’s Church in Holmes Chapel to gain new insights into the history of the Civil War.

Dr Foard said: “The sieges of the Civil Wars in England, have been subject to detailed study by historians over the last century or more but the physical evidence for the events that survives, including the sites of skirmishes within towns and villages, has seen very little serious investigation by archaeologists.

“This is particularly true of the evidence of bullet impacts on standing buildings, like Holmes Chapel, and the scatters of bullets and round shot from both incoming and outgoing fire.

“At Huddersfield, we have begun a programme of research to investigate the evidence of impact scars and bullet scatters, to establish what new insights such evidence may give, especially when considered in alongside the documentary evidence for the events.”

The Blackden Trust, which was founded in 2004, is the guardian of the land and the two timber-framed houses where famous author Alan Garner lives near Goostrey.

The trust undertakes research into the history of the area and is dedicated to passing on knowledge and skills to people of all ages who have an interest in the past and how it shapes the future.

Antonella Novarina, one of the organisers of the event said: “This is a rare opportunity to hear from an expert on the Civil War and to find out about all the wonderful work that is going on at The Blackden Trust. Tickets are limited and so I am sure they will sell out very quickly.”

The talk, which costs £6, including refreshments, will take place at St Luke’s Church Hall, Holmes Chapel at 3pm on Saturday, March 1.

Tickets are available from: J Chetham Ltd, 38 London Road, Holmes Chapel, or Mrs Kettle’s General Store, 168 Main Road, Goostrey.

For queries and ordering of tickets to be collected at the door of the venue, contact Brian Rich on 01538384713.