AN intrigued genealogist is hoping readers can put her in the picture after discovering decades-old film tucked inside her birthday surprise.

Michala Hulme, from Tabley, was shocked when her fiancé Gavin presented her with a 1930s box camera from Knutsford Antiques on December 24, instead of the CD or video game she usually receives.

But what was hidden inside the camera came as an even bigger shock –film from the WWII-era - and the 31-year-old has spent the past month trying to unravel the story behind the lens.

“After 70 years, I did not think that anything would have survived on the film,” said Michala.

“I managed to find a place in Didsbury that said they would attempt to extract pictures from the old film and a week later I received a call to say that four pictures had survived.

“I was so happy, intrigued and shocked.”

The pictures show four people – three men and a woman – at a railway station. They are all dressed in typical ‘40’s attire. Behind one of the photos, there is a railway timetable that states the words Penzance, Cardiff and Plymouth.

Michala, who runs her own genealogy business, Unearth the Past, hoped that her professional knowledge and resources would assist her in uncovering the identities of those pictured but the fashionable friends remain a mystery.

“I am desperate to discover who is in the pictures so I can give them back to the family. I am a genealogist by trade, so finding people is my day job, but this has left me baffled,” she said.

Michala, who has a regular history slot on BBC Radio Lancashire, is now enlisting the help of the public to assist her on her quest.

She has embarked on a social media campaign and has put an appeal out on BBC Radio Manchester.

“I am intrigued to know more about the people in the picture. Where were they going? Are they on holiday? Are they related? These are all questions I’d love to know the answer to,” she added.

Do you know who the people in the picture are? Do you recognise the station? Get in touch by emailing or call 01606 813 623.