A KNUTSFORD based Motor Neurone Disease patient is supporting a research project to investigate a pain-free way of diagnosing and monitoring the condition.

The Cheshire branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association has donated £20,000 to the research project, which will explore ways of detecting if someone has MND using ultrasound scans rather than the current technique involving painful needles.

Committee newsletter editor and web master Hal Bailey, who has MND, and his wife Margaret, also a committee member, visited Manchester Metropolitan University laboratories to find out more about the project.

“Having experienced numerous tests over the two and a half years it took to get diagnosis, anything that gets rid of the ‘uncomfortable needle test’ and reduces the time for a diagnosis must be supported,” said Hal, from Knutsford.

Dr Emma Hodson-Tole will lead the research at the School of Healthcare Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, which also received a donation of £13,534 from the Manchester MND branch.

The Cheshire branch of the MND Association is currently recruiting for a volunteer treasurer.

For more information or to apply contact chairman Joel Millett at joel@mndcheshire.org or cal 01625 525409.