A DEBUT author is providing free after-dinner family entertainment to complete your Sunday Lunch at a Knutsford pub.

Ken Frodsham, from Stockport, will be reading ‘The Mobile Phone of Jeremy Bone’ on Sunday, January 26 and February 2 at the Swan at Bucklow Hill.

Ken hopes to encourage families and their children to sit back after their meal and enjoy his new story.

“The idea is that families could retire from the table at their ease and sit back with their children whilst I tell them a story,” he said. “An art form which I feel has been seriously neglected over recent decades.

“It is something in which I revel. We will just have to see how things go, but so long as everyone has a good and enjoyable time I do not see that it matters too much about formalities.

“I am hoping that people will shake off the post festive blues and try a new experience like being young once more.”

Ken also hopes other restaurants, perhaps even fund-raising events or schools, may welcome his readings and he can be contacted at kenjfrodsham1@live.co.uk