SPECIAL speed warning signs have been placed on a busy Knutsford road after residents raised concerns about motorists driving too quick along it.

Police officers in the town have put up one of the ‘Smiley SID’ devices on Bexton Road.

With three schools and a hospital in close proximity Knutsfordians told the police that the road needed special attention.

In the past residents have complained to the Guardian about the speed of cars heading up and down Bexton Road, particularly with students walking across the road at peak times.

Sgt Rob Simpson, from Knutsford Police Station, told the Guardian the ‘Smiley SID’ was a great way of educating drivers in the town.

“Bexton Lane was highlighted as a road of particular concern by a resident of Knutsford,” he said.

“The lady made contact through twitter and explained that she had some real concerns about the manner of some of the drivers using that road. There are three schools and a hospital all located in close proximity, which means at certain times of day, there’s a lot of vehicles and pedestrians making use of the road.

“One of the tools we have at our disposal is the SID (Speed Indication Display).

“They’re a great way of educating drivers and reminding them that we are monitoring the roads. I’d much rather make people aware that they need to slow down by the use of a SID than issue a ticket. Having said that, I am keen to follow up their use with actual speed enforcement, so please take heed.”

Sgt Simpspon added he was interested to hear from townsfolk about where the SID can be placed next and appealed for people to join a community speed watch in Knutsford.

“This isn’t about the police targeting motorists, this is about making Knutsford safer for everyone, and I know that the lady who contacted us, was keen for a culture change in the town,” he said.

“We all have busy lives, but wouldn’t it be great if we could get the whole town to recognise how socially unacceptable speeding is and to consciously do something about it.

“The deployment of the SIDs will continue, and I would be interested to hear from residents as to where they should be deployed. We’d also like to hear from anyone that would be interested in joining a community speed watch for the town. If that’s you, then get in touch with PCSO Bithell at Knutsford Police Station for more information.”

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