A HOLMES Chapel vet has ventured into the world of literature and her new book is set to hop off the shelves.

Molly Varga, from Cheshire Pet, on Manor Lane, has just released her debut publication, ‘Textbook of Rabbit Medicine’.

The rabbit expert was approached by world-leading veterinary science publishers, Elsevier, to write a book geared towards both vets and rabbit owners.

“It has been a real privilege to be able to write this textbook and I’m honoured that Elsevier chose me for the job,” said Molly.

And it is not hard to see why she topped the list of candidates. Molly has a whole host of prestigious qualifications under her belt. She is one of only a few people who hold the BVetMedDZooMed MRCVS qualification, one of the top exotic mammalian specialists in the country and an internationally recognised rabbit specialist.

In her book, Molly is keen to introduce readers to a number of new advances in veterinary medicine for rabbits such as diagnostic imaging as well as information about new medications available.

“I have always enjoyed the challenges of rabbit medicine and so writing this book was something that I felt truly passionate about,” she added.

It would seem the publication of Molly’s textbook comes at just the right time as there has been a huge increase in rabbit ownership in the UK with over a million domestic rabbits now kept as pets.

“I have personally seen a very definite rise in the number of people bringing rabbits into the practise. Rabbits do make great pets,” Molly added.

“Having said that, caring for a rabbit still requires time and effort, so whilst a lot of people think them suitable for young children, they’re really more suited to older children and adults who will be able to learn how to properly to take care of them.”

‘Textbook of Rabbit Medicine’ is now available for purchase or download from Amazon.