THE sounds of Rio echoed through a Knutsford primary school last week as pupils picked up their sudro drums, agogos and shakers to celebrate Global Music Week.

Bexton Primary School invited Tony Watt, Director of the Manchester School of Samba, to teach Year 3 students the ins and outs of the Brazilian music style on January 13.

After the pupils got to grips with the instruments, they put on an electric performance in front of the whole school and their parents.

Tony, otherwise known as Samba Man, has been teaching samba in schools for almost 20 years and was impressed by the students of the Blackhill Lane school.

“The children were very attentive and learned very quickly. I had lots of fun and the children seemed to have fun too,” he said.

“The parents also seemed quite impressed judging by the applause.”
Samba Man’s visit to the school was the first of a series of events held by the school in celebration of Global Music Week.

Each daily assembly was dedicated to a different style of music where a special guest would put on a performance for the whole school.

Some of the professional musicians that visited include pianist Theo Wall, opera singer Jake Phillips, drummer Alex Stephenson, and guitarists Luke Savin and Rob Kinnear.

Year 4 teacher Amanda Stephenson said: “The children in each year group have been learning about the music of a different country but it’s more about culture – music is the springboard.

“The pupils really enjoyed the performances and were particularly enthralled by the guitarists.”

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