KNUTSFORD antiques expert and star of TV’s Bargain Hunt Nick Hall treated residents and guests at Sunrise of Mobberley to an afternoon antiques talk and valuation session.

An audience of 20 residents and guests listened to Nick - who works at Marshall’s in Knutsford - share some of his fascinating insights into the world of antiques.

He talked about what’s in vogue now –like 20th Century art and hand-crafted pottery – and pointed out that the antiques market runs in a cycle, so things that used to be fashionable but fell out of favour might become valuable again in the future.

Residents and guests also brought along their own antiques – including a wide range of pottery, pictures, fine china, jewellery, gold and silver – for Nick to value himself. Nick unfortunately didn’t discover any priceless artefacts, but everyone enjoyed learning more about their family heirlooms.

Sarah Singleton, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Mobberley, said: “It was a real treat to welcome Nick and everyone here at Sunrise of Mobberley loved his fascinating talk.

“A particular highlight for me was seeing some of our residents who live with dementia share the memories inspired by their family heirlooms.

“Events like these are what Sunrise is all about, and everyone is welcome to join us when Nick Hall returns later in the year.”