MOBBERLEY has welcomed a new dental practice to the village, which was opened with a little help from the Chancellor.

Dr Greg Paysden BDS has three dental practices, one in Salford, one in Radcliffe and opened his third one in Town Lane in the village on Friday, January 10, with George Osborne, Tatton MP, doing the honours.

Greg, who lives in the village, said he decided to open a practice in Mobberley as he loves the village and is keen to share his vision of how dental care should be with other residents.

Under the name of ‘Love the Dentist’, Greg said he developed it because many people say they ‘hate going to the dentist’.

He is intent on changing that and on helping everyone to love going to the dentist.

Greg said: "It has been going really well so far.

"We've had a good response from the village and George Osborne was really positive about the brand and we are about having a chat with the patients and making sure there are no surprises.

“As part of this, Love the Dentist is about making dental care as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

“Care, reassurance and a friendly, warm approach are all cornerstones of the Love the Dentist approach. The Mobberley practice will also be ultra-clean and ultra-modern.”

Mr Osborne said: “I am a huge supporter of small businesses and congratulate Greg Paysden on opening his new dental practice.

“I know how challenging it is in the first few months to get a business off the ground and wanted to show my support by opening it.”

The practice will provide services including teeth whitening, cosmetic braces, smile makeovers, fresh breath treatment and general dentistry.

It will cater for private patients only, but aims to make treatment as affordable as possible.