A ROUNDABOUT will be created on Mobberley Road if a proposed housing development close to Parkgate Industrial Estate is given the go-ahead.

In July, the Tatton Estate – and its planning advisers HOW Planning – submitted plans for a ‘high quality residential development’ on land north of the industrial estate.

If the plans are approved a revised number of up to 230 homes will be built on the site.

When the plans were announced some residents raised concerns over access to the site, in particular the bridge on Parkgate Lane and the Mobberley Road junction.

In a revised planning statement submitted to Cheshire East Council, the Tatton Estate has reached agreement with the Council's highways officers for a design that would see the creation of a new roundabout at the Mobberley Road/Parkgate Lane junction – opposite the fire station – which will cost in the order of £200,000.

In addition, as part of the agreement a financial contribution of some £340,000 would also be paid by the Tatton Estate towards improving the Brook Street/Hollow Lane junction as well as a sum of circa £75,000 being paid to improve the A50/Adams Hill junction.

HOW Planning, the author of the report, added: “The Tatton Estate’s proposals will assist with the delivery of a significant level of infrastructure improvements around Knutsford.

“It is understood that all highways and transportation issues have now been addressed and that CEC Highways Department consider the scheme to offer an overall benefit to the town.”

A spokesperson for Tatton Estate said if the plans for the homes were approved, then three of the town’s most troublesome junctions would be improved.

“It took quite a long time to come up with a solution,” he said.

“At first there didn’t seem to be enough space but CBO Transport our consultants got really creative and have managed to achieve quality solutions which we feel are the best possible for Knutsford.

“As a result, we would make large financial contributions to improve Adam's Hill, Brook Street and Hollow Lane so this development will enable solutions to three of the most problematic bottlenecks in the whole of Knutsford.”

At Knutsford Town Council last night, Monday, councillors urged Cheshire East to install the roundabout before any building work on the site would take place. 

A decision on the housing development is expected to be made at a planning meeting later this month.

Do you think a roundabout will work on Mobberley Road? Email yourviews@guardiangrp.co.uk.