GOLFERS in Knutsford were given a life-saving opportunity when a royally-recognised cancer testing pioneer brought his innovative test to town.

More than 70 men had the chance to get a life-saving prostate specific antigen (PSA) test carried out while they enjoyed an afternoon at Knutsford Golf Club.

The Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group (LHPCSG) has tested more than 1,300 men this year – successfully treating 38 men for cancer.

The charity’s chairman, Gary Steele – who was awarded an MBE earlier this year for his life-saving work and his campaign to get the Government to roll out the technique across the NHS – said the event went ‘very well’.

“We did tests on 75 men in Knutsford, which was a great turnout,” said the Winsford resident.

“We have something like a five per cent ratio of abnormal results, so we deal with them in a different way of course, but it was very, very good.”

Knutsford’s tests came just weeks after Gary carried out a similar event in Winsford’s ASDA.

The test, which takes just 10 minutes to carry out, can detect whether a man shows a risk of developing cancer.

If the PSA test shows a risk, the charity’s urologist, Dr David Baxter Smith, conducts another test that avoids the need for an invasive biopsy.

The sample is then sent to experts in Cambridge at a cost of £200 to the charity.

The LHPSSG is constantly fundraising to help continue its life-saving work, which has cost more than £40,000 this year alone. To get in touch for a PSA test or for fundraising forms call 01606 553097 or email

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