AN afternoon club set up to lift the spirits of women in the Second World War celebrated its 70th birthday last week.

The Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship sessions were started in 1943 by the then minister’s wife to support women who were left at home while their husbands and sons fought in the war.

However, the club, which is held at Knutsford Methodist Church every Tuesday afternoon, is just as relevant now as it was back then, with members gathering each week to pray, socialise and listen to a guest speaker.

President of the club Freda Froehlich said: “We have links that go right back.

“It’s really a service for the older people and comes as a comfort for them.”

The group is no longer exclusively for women; three men and 37 women now make up the 40-strong group.

Last Tuesday’s event was particularly poignant as four members of the group also celebrated their 90th birthdays and were presented with a special cake by the committee.

Freda said the group is open to anyone who wishes to attend and members do not necessarily have to be of the Methodist faith.

She added: “The group is for anyone who would like a little social activity on a Tuesday afternoon.

“Everyone goes home quite happy and they wouldn’t come so regularly if they didn’t enjoy it.”

If you would like to find out more about the afternoon group please contact Rene or Cynthia at the Church Office any midweek morning by calling 01565 652251.