A HOLMES Chapel vet has become a canine celebrity after being featured in a recent edition of national magazine, Dog Monthly.

Edward Davies, of Cheshire Pet, appeared in a feature alongside Monty, a six-year-old English Springer Spaniel.

The feature, which was entitled ‘Monty’s on the mend’, was written by his owner, Sara, a journalist, and tells of Monty’s experiences with a mysterious condition before veterinary surgeon Edward came to the rescue with a diagnosis.

Some months ago, Sara brought Monty into Cheshire Pet after he started displaying a multitude of mysterious symptoms.

Eagle-eyed Edward suspected that Monty was suffering from hypothyroidism. Monty’s symptoms, a loss of interest in exercise, weight gain and hair loss, pointed to an underactive thyroid gland, and a blood test confirmed Edward’s suspicions.

Six months after starting treatment Monty is back to his usual energetic self, and has a full, glossy coat once more.

Edward said: “There are many difficulties associated with diagnosing thyroid disease.

“It is often called ‘The Great Pretender’ because of the incredibly broad range of symptoms which it can cause, which vary greatly for each dog.

“It is also most common in middle-age and older dogs, and therefore the symptoms are frequently attributed merely to ageing.

“If you have any concerns about your pet you should speak to your vet.

“Once diagnosed, thyroid disease is easily manageable, and most dogs make a complete recovery from the condition.”