TOWN councillors have debated the future of one of Knutsford’s old red telephone boxes after revealing in the past year only 90 people have used it.

Knutsford Town Council currently pays £360 a year to BT to sponsor one of the old red telephone boxes on King Street – placed in front of Istanbul Grill.

But councillors were told it has only been used by 90 people in 12 months – that equates to £4 per use.

If the council was to adopt the box it would cost £1 to purchase from BT but there would then be the upkeep costs to consider on top of that.

The council adopted the box on Sparrow Lane in 2010 but Adam Keppel-Garner, deputy town clerk, revealed the council was having to spend at least £600 this year to repair after it had ‘fallen into a poor condition’.

Clr Andrew Malloy told the council’s environment and general purposes committee that he didn’t believe there was the need for the boxes in their current locations.

“It seems to me that it’s something we need to look at on a regular basis,” he said.

“The box which we sponsor being used 90 times in a year is more than I thought but it’s still not loads.

“There are a few options to consider – one is do we really need functioning telephone boxes in that location? I probably don’t think so.”

It was added that if the boxes were going to be altered they may need planning for change of use.

Clr Simon Hutchence questioned if it was appropriate to run two working public telephones when ‘quite clearly one would suffice’.

Members agreed to look into the matter and further and bring it to the council at the next meeting on May 20.

n When was the last time you used the red telephone box on King Street? Should it stay where it is if only 90 people have used it in the past year? Email