A DEBATE is raging after Knutsford’s new cinema announced plans for a ticket price hike which will also see concession tickets vanish.

From April, at peak times, an adult ticket will increase from £6.20 to £9.75 and the price for pensioners and students will jump from £5.15 to £9.75.

This represents a 57 per cent rise and 89 per cent rise respectively.

“I think people would be reluctant to pay £9.75 if they’re used to paying £5 or £6,” said Peter Riley, of Rockford Lodge.

“I suppose it gets the prices more in line with what Curzon customers pay in the south.

“Curzon has done a good job with the refurb and people would expect some kind of increase but not this.”

Peter currently goes to the Toft Road cinema once a month with his wife Christine.

He added: “If we continued to go once a month from April, it would be about £100 more a year. We’d have to be a bit more choosy.”

Knutsford residents have been debating the price changes on social media site Facebook with some defending the cinema and others saying they will ‘boycott’ it in favour of Altrincham’s Apollo cinema.

Stephen Wall said: “Knutsford gets a little bit of class and this is the reaction.

“There are no other Curzon cinemas in Britain outside of the capital and they specialise in arthouse and lesser known cinema which is precisely what makes them so unique.

“It's a brilliant addition to Knutsford and one that should be wholeheartedly supported.”

Maxim Eaton added: “You don't know how lucky we are. Most town cinemas shut years ago.

“People of Knutsford should be grateful having it on our doorstep and showing Oscar-winning movies.”

But Lucy Goldsmith said: “Terrible, a valuable local amenity now too expensive to use, such a waste.”

Natalie Normanton added: “I think Curzon might have misjudged Knutsford.”

Knutsford ticket prices will still be much cheaper than Curzon’s cinemas in the capital - Curzon Mayfair tickets are £14.50 at peak time.

A reader, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I never expected prices to stay the same but this is a massive increase.

“I’m delighted the cinema has been saved but I’m just left thinking for how long.

“The cinema has been really well supported in the past by older people but will they still go if the price goes up by £4.60?”

Curzon said it will not be commenting until it has consulted the Knutsford team.

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