CHANGES to a circular bus service will leave elderley residents unable to get into town and do their shopping, according to concerned bus users.

The 300, which travels around the majority of the town, will stop serving Tabley Road and Queenway from April 1.

The service is operated by High Peak – the same firm which has decided to withdraw the 27 Macclesfield service. It has decided that it will run every service via Lilac Avenue.

But residents living in the Beechwood retirement complex on Tabley Road are up in arms after being told of the change.

Muriel Shaw told the Guardian the change would mean she – and her neighbours – would have to walk into town.

“It’s hard going as it is,” she said.

“They think it’s Knutsford so everyone will have a car but they don’t. There must be some way of getting round it but no-one wants to know. We’ve asked the drivers but they can’t help us.”

She added the latest change was on top of seeing the 27 service withdrawn.

“The Macclesfield bus will be missed when it goes,” she said.

“You just won’t be able to get down there, especially if you’ve got a hospital appointment. It’s not like you can share because the appointments are at different times. Plus a taxi costs £38 each way.”

High Peak said it had decided it no longer needs the council’s subsidy to run the service.

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