KNUTSFORD residents were given the opportunity to voice their views on the town plan at a strategy meeting.

Jacqueline Moore commented about the proposed development around Mereheath Lane, and expressed concern about too much happening in one area.

She said she could see Egerton Primary being moved to the north of Knutsford, but added she would be disappointed if housing was built there rather than a medical centre.

Helen Baron said as part of the North Knutsford community group she wanted to see appropriate development.

She added the group was concerned with shaping development rather than opposing it.

Neil Lazenby, a fellow North Knutsford member, said the group wanted to talk about the other sites that had been disregarded, in particular the Parkgate site. He also raised concerns about the eco-system.

Paul Webster asked where the figure of 400 came from when it came to housing need in the town, and asked to see evidence.

Charlotte Peters Rock talked about the infrastructure, in particular the need for healthcare and public transport.

Heather Cunningham said she felt 400 homes was reasonable, but questioned why it had to be built on green belt land.

She added it was common sense to build near Parkgate before destroying green belt.

Pat Green said she was disappointed that so much of the green belt in one part of Knutsford was being put forward.

Barbara Pegg believes the A50 is unsuitable to cope with the kind of development discussed, and voiced concerns about ambulances being able to get to Wythenshawe Hospital as a result.

Jim Townley was concerned about the site selection process, and wanted to know the reasons why some had been included – and others excluded – from the plan.