KNUTSFORD’S biggest supermarket has said all its beef is ‘farm assured’ in the light of the horsemeat scandal.

Booths added it was complying with Government demands, and all of its own label beef products – such as its own ready meals – were being tested.

A spokesman for the store said: “Booths only source fresh beef from the UK, from farmers we trust.

“All our beef is farm assured.

“We work in partnership with our local abattoir, which is approximately five miles from our processing site in Preston, Lancashire, and all our beef is cut and packed on site at Booths.

“Booths’ technical team carefully monitors our supply chain and regularly checks provenance and traceability.

“We take pride that the meat we sell is of high quality and produced with integrity.

“This is reflected in a recent sales growth of beef products, as customers have confidence and trust in the meat which we sell.

“To comply with recent Government demands, Booths are voluntarily beginning DNA testing on all own label products that contain beef, and we are collating statements from all manufacturers of counter products that contain beef to reassure us that our suppliers are in compliance with our rigorous sourcing policies.”