NORTH Knutsford residents have joined together to respond to Cheshire East’s plans for a new development in the area.

Residents – under the banner of the North Knutsford Community Group – are meeting to consider the needs of the town and to ensure that the proposed new development in the north of the town – near to Mereheath Park – is right for Knutsford as a whole.

The group, who have also set up a petition voicing concerns about the proposals, will be meeting Cheshire East Council leader Michael Jones this evening, Wednesday, and welcomed a visit from a council planner this morning.

Alex Chaplin, chair of the group, said “We are pleased to be creating a positive response to Cheshire East’s proposals which focuses on integrated local planning – to ensure the development is in the right location, of the right character, and the right density.

“The group is considering how sports, health and school facilities might need to be developed, and what additional investment in roads and parking might be necessary. The people of Knutsford are contributing constructively to the design of a sustainable value for money expansion of the town.”

The group’s response to the consultation is based on five key principles: investment in integrated local planning; investment in sports; investment in infrastructure; investment in roads and parking; and investing in sustainable value for money development Helen Baron, a fellow member of the group, added: “People are worried about needing another school and we don’t want a large new development without the supporting infrastructure.”

More information about Cheshire East’s Local Plan can be found on Cheshire East’s website at

Responses to the plan have to be received by February 26.

A ‘special’ Knutsford Town Council meeting to discuss the town strategy will be held on February 19 at 6.30pm in the town council offices, a while Clr Michael Jones, leader of Cheshire East is visiting the town in for a public meeting being held on Wednesday, February 27.

l To find out more send an email to northknutsfordcommunity