GEORGE Osborne has said he is convinced that HS2 will create jobs in Cheshire.

Speaking to the Guardian he said: “This country needs to have an economic future, it needs to have things like high speed rail and almost every other developed country in the world is building high speed rail at the moment and I don’t want Britain to be left behind.

“We have to make sure our generation is not left behind, and we are taking these tough decisions, but as I say, generally in Cheshire and in the Tatton constituency people will benefit from being very closely connected to the rest of England and the continent of Europe.

“But ultimately I think HS2 is good for Cheshire, people will be able to get on the train at Crewe and get on the train at Manchester Airport and will be able to travel very quickly not just to Birmingham and London but also to the continent and be connected with the rest of Europe.

“I think it’s going to be good for jobs in Cheshire, and it will create opportunities for new businesses in the area.”