A GROUP of Mobberley residents are fuming after a gate was built near their homes against their wishes.

Homeowners and tenants in Edenfield Close have been fighting against Mobberley Parish Council’s plans to provide an access point to nature reserve Town Lane Land for more than a year.

So they were shocked when contractors ripped out the hedgerow at the end of the cul-de-sac and installed the gate on January 23.

Dawn Cartner, of Edenfield Close, fears for the safety of walkers as her driveway is within metres of the gate and her vision is obscured by hedgerow.

She said: “I don’t want it on my conscience every day, that I could hit someone.”

Concerns have also been raised about the overhead powercables, security and house values dropping.

Edenfield Close resident Eddie Bench told the Guardian that 80 per cent of people who completed a parish council questionnaire in 2011 were not in favour of creating an additional gate to the field.

There is another access point called Tatton stile within 50 metres Mr Bench added: “The parish council is spending money in these difficult financial times against the wishes of the majority of people who took part in the questionnaire.

“We’ve been writing to the council since January last year and have not had answers. We’ve been ignored.”

But a spokesman for Mobberley Parish Council said: “Following a request from a significant number of residents of Mobberley, by both petition and verbally, Mobberley Parish Council gave great consideration to points raised for and against the installation of the new access point at Edenfield Close.

“The facts in favour of this new access point far outweighed those against and took into consideration ease of access for a number of residents in the Mallory Close, “Edenfield Road, Meadowsweet Road and other roads in this vicinity, some of whom currently have to walk over 600 metres just to gain access to this public land.

“This includes many families with young children who will now be able to easily access this public land.

“The council purchased Town Lane Land more than 10 years ago for the use of all residents.

“All those present at the start of the parish council meeting held in January were informed that the gate would be installed within the next couple of weeks.”