BUS users have hit out after a travel company decided to change the route of a popular service which they believe will cut off a huge chunk of Knutsford.

From February 11, the 27 Knutsford to Macclesfield service will no longer stop along Bexton Lane and Beggermans Lane – meaning residents living in that part of town will have to walk to the station to catch the service.

In August, Centrebus – the company operating the 27 service between the two towns via Chelford – decided it didn’t need Cheshire East Council’s money to run the service.

But as a result the firm decided to increase the time between each service – operated under the banner of High Peak buses – from an hour to 90 minutes.

May Lawson, of Valley Way, told the Guardian the bus was a lifeline for those living in that area of town.

“At the present moment every bus uses the route, which is perhaps a little excessive, from the drivers’ point of view,” she said.

“While I accept that it is not heavily used, it is a lifeline for those living on this estate and to cancel it will leave residents very isolated. “The distance to the bus station is roughly a mile and not conducive to carrying shopping.

“The Mobberley Road area seems to be well serviced with buses, for example the 300 runabout and those travelling to Altrincham. Perhaps, even at this late stage, something could be done to accommodate the residents on this side of Knutsford.”

But David Shelley, commercial director for Centrebus, which owns the company that operates the 27 service, said the change was made to improve the service.

“The usage was very limited on this section and the change has been made to improve the reliability and convenience of the service for the majority of customers,” he said.

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