MOTORISTS are being warned to expect ‘severe delays’ for the next two months as work starts to ‘transform’ the roads around the new Aldi superstore.

As part of the works to open Knutsford’s latest supermarket, roadworks are set to dominate Brook Street for the next 10 weeks.

Temporary traffic signals combined with a lane closure will be in place from Monday, February 4 until the end of March.

The following roadworks will take place in the area: a redesign of the Brook Street/Hollow Lane junction; a new traffic island for pedestrians on Adams Hill; a right turn lane into the Aldi store; and linking of the traffic signals at the junction of Toft Road/Adams Hill and Brook Street/Hollow Lane.

Two weeks of gas works will also take place on the same stretch of Brook Street during that time.

But on Monday, Cheshire East Council urged Aldi to get in touch with Knutsford Town Council so the town could ‘understand the scope of the works’.

Knutsford town councillor Andrew Malloy said it was going to cause serious issues for residents and those passing through.

“Many people pass through Knutsford on their way to, for example, Macclesfield,” he said.

“There may be no way to divert all the traffic away from Brook Street, but if some could be diverted away, that would surely help the situation.

“For example, Macclesfield-bound traffic, instead of turning left off Toft Road onto Adams Hill, could possibly continue along the A50 to Seven Sisters Lane, turn left and pick up the A537 at Ollerton.

“This will inevitably cause issues at these junctions, but at least reduce standing traffic in Knutsford.

“Many people I speak to are very concerned about the impact Aldi will have on local roads, so we all hope the road layout changes will work.

“There is still the issue of right turning traffic from Aldi not being able to get out, if Knutsford direction traffic is waiting to turn into the store.”

Aldi has not yet responded to the Guardian's request for a comment. 

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