KNUTSFORD Academy closed at 1.15pm today, Friday, due to the snowy conditions. 

The school put an announcement on its website at 9.30am informing parents of the decision. 

It added that students would be contacting their parents to organise travel arrangements.

At the town's other schools, St Vincent's said it was monitoring the situation and could close at lunchtime if the weather continued to get worse.

But teachers decided that there was no need to close early.

A note on its website said: "Regarding school closure - School will remain open as the weather forecast indicates there will be much less snow than previously thought.

"However, if you wish to pick your child up any earlier than 3:15pm that is acceptable."

Bexton Primary confirmed earlier on Friday that it had no intention to close, while Egerton Primary decided to remain open. 

Parents of children at Manor Park have been informed they can pick their children up from 1pm.