HOME Grown in Holmes Chapel were busy planting again on Thursday, but this time it was not vegetables in the village centre but fruit trees in the grounds of Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

The group came together with students from the school and members of the parish council and Holmes Chapel Partnership to celebrate the end of this Jubilee year, by planting five young apple trees near the bus layby on Selkirk Drive for the community to enjoy.

Andrea Berry, co-founder of Home Grown in Holmes Chapel, said: “The students have done a great job helping to plant the trees – they were great at digging the holes and hammering in the stakes.

“It is wonderful to think that they and their friends, along with other local residents, will be able to enjoy the apples from these trees in a couple of years’ time when they start to bear fruit.

“It has been fantastic to join in with the Alternative Learning Week at the school and get some of the students involved in learning about how to grow some local food.”

Sue Mitchell, co-founder of the group, said: “The trees are different varieties of eating apples, including traditional varieties such as the Egremont Russet and Worcester Pearmain.

“These are apple varieties which are not widely available in the shops, so it will give residents a chance to try some of the types of apple which used to be grown in UK orchards.”