A MERE woman is fed up with a ‘pond’ appearing outside her house every time it rains.

Norma Aidley, of Chester Road, claims the speed camera near her property has eroded the foundations of the drains, which has caused flooding for the past three years.

The problem has been particularly bad during the recent downpours.

“I’m sick to death of it,” said Norma, who has lived in Mere for 25 years.

“You shouldn’t have to put up with that outside your door. It’s heartbreaking to see what it’s like.”

The flooding affects three properties, and often means residents have to traipse out in wellies just to leave their homes.

Norma said: “The bin men won’t go near it as they don’t want to paddle through it. It’s an eyesore.

“It costs a lot of money to live here. My husband worked for many years to give us a nice home, and this devalues my property.

“Whenever it rains I get a feeling of dread. I won’t go out when it’s like that.”

A spokesperson for the Highways Agency said: “We are planning to replace a short section of damaged drainage pipe on the A556 Chester Road in Mere in the near future to prevent surface water running off into neighbouring gardens during prolonged periods of heavy rain.

“In the meantime we have been sending out Highways Agency vehicles to pump away water when the drains begin to overflow.”