KEEN-EYED wildlife watchers have been told to look out for ‘Viking invaders’ in Knutsford.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust says that a struggling autumn crop of berries and beech seeds in places like Sweden and Norway are forcing rare feathered travellers to Cheshire.

Among them are waxwings which have a habit of turning up in urban locations.

A small group of the birds were spotted in Parkgate industrial estate on Friday. The starling-sized cream-coloured birds with splashes of yellow and red on their wings and a distinctive crest, fly in to gorge themselves on berries.

Tom Marshall, from Cheshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Anywhere you see trees with bright orange or red berries is a great place to keep an eye out, it could be in the heart of town or even at school.

“As they’re so occupied with feeding, you can often get pretty close and pick out the gorgeous colours on waxwings.”