IT is one of the few towns in Cheshire that doesn’t have a beer festival but under plans drawn up by a councillor it could be a reality for Knutsford in the near future.

A report by Clr Andrew Malloy was presented to his colleagues on the events committee of the town council on Tuesday, October 29.

In it the Thorneyholme Drive resident listed all the costs and instructions on how to plan a beer festival, and told the Guardian it was something he had been working on for the past two years.

“I’ve spoken to many people, including Tatton Brewery, and my pitch to the councillors seemed to go down well, they liked it,” he said.

“It is at a very early stage and the most important thing, is about getting a location and getting volunteers on board.

“If you look in Cheshire, Macclesfield, Middlewich, Northwich, and Congleton, have all got a beer festival.

I know we had one in 2004 and 2005 at the sports club, but they told me they couldn’t get the numbers.

“We want it somewhere close to the town centre, near the train station and bus stops, because you aren’t going to get people driving to it.”

Clr Malloy said he had started to put the word around town, and so far has been encouraged with the responses.

He said: “I’ve not had a negative comment so far.

“I don’t understand the point when people say it may kill off the pubs, as it will be the pubs promoting it.

“We’ve got a large number of micro-breweries in Cheshire, and if we can use that as a basis that would be a fantastic advert for Cheshire.”

The events committee has put the idea in its plans, and Clr Malloy believed a festival could be staged in either September 2013 or April 2014 if a location was found.

He said: “There is an awful lot of work to do, and the location is the key.

“I’m looking for people to suggest locations to me, and what they would like to see on offer at the festival.

If you can help Andrew contact him on Twitter @CllrA Malloy, e-mail andrew.malloy or call him on 07751 231444.