THREE Brownies and Guides groups are under threat of closure due to a struggle to find new leaders.

Mobberley Brownies, 2nd Goostrey Brownies and 3rd Goostrey Guides could all fold unless volunteers can be recruited.

Sue Taylor, county commissioner for Girlguiding Cheshire Border, said: “We’re working very hard to ensure that doesn’t happen as many girls would be deprived of the opportunity to be part of Guiding.”

All the groups, which teach practical and life skills, are thriving, but there is a shortage of leaders, which is blamed on busier lifestyles.

Sue said: “Many women are busier than they used to be. They juggle family and jobs and Guides can be an involving hobby.”

She said new volunteers can come from any walk of life and would be fully supported in the role.

Sue, a county commissioner for four years, said: “Previous leaders have been doctors, architects, managers, people at home with children and supermarket staff.

“We provide supportive training and mentoring, and most people come with their own experiences, knowledge and interests that can help.”

“Being a leader provides friendship, fun and being part of the community knowing you are providing a valuable opportunity to girls to develop, make decisions and contribute.”

Mobberley Brownies and 2nd Goostrey Brownies are well established groups and have been active for 50 years and 40 years respectively.

The 3rd Goostrey Guides started in October 2008 in response to the growing demand for places for girls aged 10 to 14.

Holly Fowlkes, district commissioner, said: “There is a perception that taking on the role of a leader is a huge undertaking – it doesn’t need to be.

“We now have many leaders who share the role, so it’s no longer just down to one or two people to take on all the organisation of a particular unit or attend all the meetings.

“If just a few people come forward with an offer of help then I am sure that we could make it work.”

If you can help, contact Holly on 07964 313855 or e-mail holly