COUNCIL officers have admitted to Knutsford’s town councillors that the borough authority has no money to install new bins in the town.

At a presentation held during the town council’s environment committee meeting on Monday, October 29, two officers working for Cheshire East Council revealed the borough could only replace damaged bins.

The pair told councillors that there was no budget to install new bins in problem areas of the town.

Instead the officers advised the council that it should do a survey – similar to one undertaken by Holmes Chapel Parish Council – that centered on whether the town’s bins were in the right location and if they were being used.

Currently the town’s streets are swept and maintained every day by Cheshire East workers but the officers wanted the town council to gather the information of which bins needed emptying or were under used.

Clr Tony Dean suggested it was probably better for the council to employ more road cleaners than have someone working for thousands of pounds in an office somewhere.

He highlighted the point further by stating he had bumped into an 84-year-old who was sweeping the path outside his home.

Clr Bernadette Emmett added: “I’m all for working in partnership but I’m not sure that we should be checking the bins. If the bins are overflowing then the people who empty them should be in a position to check and report back to their bosses as they are there every week.”

But Clr Barbara Coan said: “I have rang the team and contacted them about an issue and they have come and sorted it out so the system does work.”

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