With winter fast approaching, many people will be thinking of ways to make their home as energy efficient as possible without breaking the bank. Here is some advice on the subject from the National Association of Estate Agents.

Your energy supplier can inform you about schemes they provide. Many offer services such as a boiler check as well as practical advice for conserving heat.

Moving furniture away from radiators can increase the feeling of warmth in a room by allowing the heat to flow more freely. Place foil behind radiators on exterior walls to reflect the heat back into the room and minimise heat loss to the outside. You can use ordinary foil or purchase specially designed panels from a DIY shop.

Replacing windows and doors with double glazing may be worth considering if you wish to improve the aesthetics and saleability of your home, as well as save energy.

Most heat loss occurs through your roof, so employ an expert to check your loft insulation and, if necessary, make improvements.

Although this may be more expensive, any costs can be recovered through the money you will save on heating bills. Cavity wall insulation should also be checked.

By carefully assessing your home and taking practical steps to conserve energy, you will save money and guarantee a comfortable winter.