Finding a place to rent can be very stressful, particularly if you do not go armed with the right information.

Most people do not move home very often, so viewing a new property can be a daunting and novel exper-ience.

It is important to start any new tenancy on the right foot, so if you go to view a property make sure you make a good impression by following these tips from the National Landlords' Association.

Be friendly – Your new landlord won’t bite. They are a person just like you, and the viewing will be much more pleasant if you get along.

Be punctual – Your landlord may have a number of appointments to view the property so may not appreciate being kept waiting.

Be honest – It is far better to be upfront about your circumstances now than try to resolve a problem later.

Bring any references with you – If you decide that you like the property it will be much easier to secure it if you have some proof of identity with you.

If you don’t know, ask – If you are uncertain about an aspect of the tenancy, or the accommodation, don’t be afraid to ask.