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Consider life as a pedestrian

IN all the published discussions on Wycombe's traffic problems I am surprised that no mention is made concerning the interests of pedestrians.

We are, after all pedestrians at some time or other and whatever affects traffic affects us all.

The poorest, weakest members of society handicapped, oldest and youngest are most likely to be pedestrians for most of their time.

Here are some of the difficulties facing pedestrians which should be addressed.

The bus lane, however intermittent it is, has the unfortunate effect of forcing traffic away from the centre of the road and, on the north side of London Road, right over to the kerb side.

Heavy goods vehicles of formidable size sometimes with overhanging loads charge along within inches of pedestrians on the pavements and woe betide anyone slipping off the kerb.

I know many older people who are so terrified of the dreadful noise and appearance of these monsters that they feel unable to walk to town any more. Mothers with prams and toddlers are in the same predicament.

On wet days the situation is much worse especially when gutters are flooded and puddles extend into the carriageway.

I have been soaked by passing traffic as I know many others have.

Some considerate drivers slow down but others don't, whilst the larger lorries etc, because of the bus lane, haven't much choice but to drive through the pools of dirty water drenching pedestrians.

Perhaps the victims should get together and sue the authority!

Speed camera boxes have the effect of slowing traffic in their immediate vicinity so why not increase their numbers and spread say four along the stretches of road covered at the moment by one?

They need not all contain a camera of course or cameras permanently working or even the same ones working but switched from box to box, so having the desired effect without a vast increase in expenditure.

Also, the vomit and urine stained pavements, surely a health hazard, should be cleaned up more regularly.

Cyclists and skateboarders seem to be free to break the law and continually inconvenience the general public.

Why is nothing done about this?

The so-called pedestrianised zone is nothing of the sort.

Delivery vans and others are a constant menace to pedestrians using the area. Deliveries should only be allowed at certain times well posted as is general practice in most towns on the continent.

I hope these remarks and suggestions will prove useful.

They could all be adopted without great expense and should, I feel, be at least tried.

Above all, the people representing the general public should get out on their own two feet and experience life as pedestrians occasionally.

Regular walker

(Name supplied)

London Road

High Wycombe

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