CAN you help ‘Beaky’ find his way home?

A lost racing pigeon has taken up residence at the home of Mobberley resident Anthony Penn.

Anthony's feathery friend, which he has nicknamed ‘Beaky’, first appeared at the house on Newton Hall Lane in the first week of June – and seems to have no plans on flying back to where he came from.

“The lost pigeon sites I have looked at say to feed him and then he will fly home. Well he didn't!” said Anthony.

“The next advice is to contain him and read the number on his leg and report it to the lost pigeon site– well I've more chance of catching a slippery eel than catching Beaky.”

Anthony and his wife Carol have been feeding Beaky bird seeds in the meantime.  He even has a favourite spot – the patio.

“I don’t know where he goes during the day but when I get home and sit in the garden while things are cooking and there is suddenly a cooing and there he is behind me on the patio waiting for his tin to be opened,” said Anthony.

“So he is now in a routine that I think suits him and I don’t see him deciding to fly home.”
Anthony is hoping to enlist the help of a local keeper of pigeons, who can perhaps catch him and return him to his owner.

If you can help, contact Anthony on 01565 755000.