KNUSTFORD’S ‘Poetrician’ is hoping to inspire fellow scholars at this year’s The International Medieval Congress in Leeds– and has a surprise in store for one famous speaker.

Michael Gibson, a scholar of Middle and Old English Poetry, will be returning to the conference for the third time next week.

The annual event attracts over 1, 800 medievalists from over 50 countries and is the largest conference of its kind in Europe.

On July 7, Michael will be presenting a paper on the ‘rhythm of Beowulf’ and two days later, on July 9, he will give a performance of the self-penned ‘A song, a riddle, a carol, and the Great Green Knight’.

“Poetry is an art and the great pleasure of hearing verse is as important as what the verse actually means,” said Michael.

“I hope to reach as many people as possible to put this proposal about rhythm to the academic world.”

As well as presenting his paper and performing, Michael also has a surprise up his sleeve for British poet, playwright and novelist Simon Armitage, who will be speaking at the event.

In 2006, Simon’s translation of the famous Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was published.

“The Green Knight wants a word with Simon Armitage,” teased Michael.