Did you know Knutsford was home to your local Barbour Partner Store?

The dedicated Barbour Retail Store can be found on the prestigious Princess Street in Knutsford Cheshire - and there is a summer sale on right now. The store is open 7 days a week and boasts all the core Barbour collections.

The Barbour brand was established in 1894 in the port of South Shields to provide protective outwear from the harsh British weather for fishermen and sailors alike. Today it provides a wardrobe for the whole family - including the dog!

From technical sporting clothing to fashion attire and edgy collaborations - Barbour uses their rich heritage to keep their designs fresh and relevant and the brand is now worn by everyone - from your local farmer to celebrities.  They have etched themselves into the hearts of thousands through creating garments - most notably waxed jackets - that are often described as 'old friends'. The jackets can last the owner for years - in some cases decades -  and their aged appearance only adds character.

As well as their country credentials Barbour has a notable motorcycling history. In 1936 they developed the first A1 one piece bike suit - the International - in a dark green wax.  And the current International collection still takes inspiration from that garment!

The company  also operate one of the UK's largest Barbour partner stores in Blackbrook Newcastle-under-Lyme.