LA LA Spa has landed in Knutsford.

The beauty salon, based at 33 King Street, officially opened for business today, May 6.

It is new territory for former recruiter and owner Maddy Sowerby but the Lancashire resident has used her industry knowledge to arm herself with Cheshire’s top beauty specialists.

“Beauty has always been my personal interest and I wanted my own boss so it was a perfect move for me,” said the mum-of-one.

“My previous career was very stressful and involved very long days and a lot of travelling. I have my daughter now and thought if there is a time to do it, it is now.”

Maddy had a clear vision of how she wanted her salon to look and operate.

“We want people to come in and have a great experience from start to finish,” she said.

“We offer first-class service and there is always a bottle of fizz in the fridge – so you can treat yourself with any treatment.”

The salon, which is open 5 days a week, offers a variety of beauty and therapy treatments, including world famous CACI, and stocks a variety of salon-only products.

The salon also specialise in weight loss treatment, acupuncture, physiotherapy and semi-permanent treatments.

Dr Andy Babicki, a.k.a Dr Youth, will be at the salon once fortnightly. Dr Babicki, who has been practising as a doctor for 12 years, will offer non-surgical treatments such as lip augmentation, dermal fillers and anti-ageing treatments.

Manager Julie Sneyd, who has 10 years industry experience, said: “We offer a tailor-made personalised service and go the extra mile. If you need your parking ticket renewed, we will do it, if you need to book a taxi, we do that too.”

Now that the salon is up and running, Maddy said she is excited about establishing the brand and has her sights set on opening a total of ten salons over the next five years.

“I found Knutsford so supportive of businesses and local trade and had a good business community,” she said.

“We have had fantastic supportive and the perfect place for my first salon.”
La La Spa has three full-time and one part-time staff and on the lookout for an apprentice. If you are interested in the position, call into the salon.

For more information visit or call 01565 634289.