SHORT-HAIRED, long-haired, floppy-eared and many more rabbits will be in abundance at the Cheshire Show this summer with thousands visiting the stands for a chance to say hello to their favourite breeds.

The annual Cheshire Show holds a spectacular rabbit section which sees visitors flocking from all corners of the show for a chance to meet some cuddly companions during the 2-day event held in Knutsford, staring on June 18.

Jean Evans, who runs the section, provides visitors with two hands-on sessions giving rabbit enthusiasts the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals, which are taken out of their pens and enjoy some much earned fuss from spectators.

“It is an exciting opportunity for pet-lovers and their families, which educates both children and adults, to find out how to handle their favourite small animals and learn about the different breeds," she said.

"It is the perfect place to get advice from experts and get answers to any nibbling questions you may have on providing the best care for your much loved pets."

Some of the smallest rabbits in the world will be making an appearance such as the Netherland Dwarf, which weighs in at around 2lbs.

However, it’s not only small rabbits that come along; the Continental Giant is a popular attraction often weighing 12lbs, which is almost a stone and is one of the largest breeds of rabbits.

The rabbits are judged to breed standard - not against each other - including judging of size, weight, coat, body and type, colour and condition.

The rabbit section is a fantastic addition to the jam-packed Cheshire Show and proves to be an ever increasing attraction. 

Nigel Evans, director of the Cheshire Show said; “We are always working hard to make sure the Show is even better than the last and this year is going to be one of our best yet.

“The Cheshire Show is one of the largest two-day county shows in the Northwest and attracts over 80,000 visitors with a variety of specialist areas."