PLANS for 26 homes in Goostrey have been knocked back by Cheshire East Council.

The estate of S H Darlington, of Chelford Road, Somerford, submitted plans to build the homes on the 22sqm plot of land to the east of Hermitage Lane and south of the Nether Lea estate in the village.

But at the northern planning committee meeting held on March 19, Cheshire East members decided to reject the plans because it was ‘unsustainable and located within the open countryside’.

The decision notice added: “The Local Planning Authority can demonstrate a five year supply of housing land supply in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and consequently, there are no material circumstances to indicate that permission should be granted contrary to the development plan.”

Members also heard that the development would have an ‘adverse impact upon the efficient operation of the Jodrell Bank Observatory’ and there was ‘insufficent detail regarding the proposed internal road layout which forms part of the access to the site’.

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